Technology Engineering - 7
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Technology Engineering
title: Oil and Gas Production in Nontechnic
authors: Martin Raymond
publisher: PennWell Books
description: Provides an overview of the entire petroleum production function explains the origins of oil and gas and reservoir dynamics deciphers the mysteries of production ownership and land rights and identifies the types of production companies ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1593700520
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781593700522
publishe date: 2006


Technology Engineering
title: Optimal Audio and Video Reproduction
authors: Vincent Verdult
publisher: Routledge
description: Therefore to have an boptimalb audiovisual experience you need to boptimallyb brreproduce both baudio and videob. 3.1. Film. and. bVideob. bProductionb. It is of no use brto talk about the quality of bvideob reproduction without knowing exactly what you brare...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780429813177
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0429813171
publishe date: 2019-04-09


Technology Engineering
title: Tracking filter engineering. the Gauss-Newton
authors: Norman Morrison
publisher: IET
description: This book provides a complete discussion of the Gauss-Newton filters including all necessary theoretical background.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781849195546
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1849195544
publishe date: 2013


Technology Engineering
title: Space Technology
authors: Thomas F. Mtsch
publisher: Walter de Gruyter
description: It covers the fundamentals of aerospace and explains the details of technical implementations. These are organised in the border area of technical feasibility.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783110426212
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3110426218
publishe date: 2016-05-24


Technology Engineering
title: Intelligent Materials and Structures
authors: Haim Abramovich
publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH Co KG
description: Intelligent Materials and Structures provides exceptional insights into designing intelligent materials and structures for special applications in engineering.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783110389432
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3110389436
publishe date: 2016-09-12


Technology Engineering
title: Measurement Technology for Process Automation
authors: Anders Andersson
publisher: CRC Press
description: This text is a practical guide on how to accurately use these measuring instruments to control processes in manufacturing industries for food beverages chemicals pharmaceuticals oil water and waste water power etc.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781351974486
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1351974483
publishe date: 2017-06-27


Technology Engineering
title: Blockchain Revolution
authors: Don Tapscott
publisher: Penguin
description: And those examples are barely the tip of the iceberg. As with major paradigm shifts that preceded it blockchain technology will create winners and losers. This book shines a light on where it can lead us in the next decade and beyond.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781101980156
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=110198015X
publishe date: 2016-05-10