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Technology & Engineering
title: Sound Reproduction Acoustics
authors: Floyd E. Toole
publisher: Routledge
description: Sound Reproduction The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms Third Edition explains the physical and perceptual processes that are involved in sound reproduction and demonstrates how to use the processes to create high ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1317415094
publishe date: 2017-07-28


Technology & Engineering
title: Advanced Seat Suspension Control Sys
authors: Haiping Du
publisher: Academic Press
description: The advantage of VI device over constant binerterb is similar to the one of a VD brdevice over a bpassiveb damper. The typical ... 1 M.C. Smith bSynthesisb of brmechanical bnetworksb the binerterb IEEE Trans. ... 3 C.L.Z.X.N. Jiamei W. brbRuochenb Performance analysis of two-stage series-connected binerterb-spring-brdamper suspension based on half-car model J. Mech. ... 7 J.-bMb. Nie Research bron the binerterb structure.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0128226838
publishe date: 2020-05-22


title: Hacking Electronics An Illustrated D
authors: Simon Monk
publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
description: Bring your electronic inventions to life This full-color book is impressive...there are some really fun projects -GeekDad Who needs an electrical engineering degree

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0071802371
publishe date: 2013-03-22


title: 101 IPhone Tips and Tricks
authors: Rich DeMuro
publisher: random
description: From beginner to expert all levels of iPhone users will appreciate the tips inside this book. You'll finally feel more in control of the device you use every day.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781695599529
publishe date: 2019-09-27


Technology Engineering
title: Fundamentals of Electronic Devices a
authors: G.S. Tomar
publisher: Springer Nature
description: This book focuses on conceptual frameworks that are helpful in understanding the basics of electronics what the feedback system is the principle of an oscillator the operational working of an amplifier and other relevant topics.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=9811502676
publishe date: 2019-10-10


Technology Engineering
title: Oil and Gas Production in Nontechnic
authors: Martin Raymond
publisher: PennWell Books
description: Provides an overview of the entire petroleum production function explains the origins of oil and gas and reservoir dynamics deciphers the mysteries of production ownership and land rights and identifies the types of production companies ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781593700522
publishe date: 2006


Technology & Engineering
title: Learn Electronics With Basic Theory
authors: Delton T. Horn
publisher: TAB_ELEC
description: The new edition of Grob Basic Electronics has been completely revised with a new look and new information to keep students at the forefront of basic electronics education. It includes new problems and questions at the end of each chapter sidebar features throughout the text and a critical thinking component. The new full-color design makes it easy for students to read circuit diagrams and other important visuals. HyperGraphics an interactive multimedia program designed to correlate with Glencoe electronics texts is available for Grob Basic Electronics.

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(ISBN:) 002802253X
publishe date: 1981


Technology Engineering
title: Optimal Audio and Video Reproduction
authors: Vincent Verdult
publisher: Routledge
description: Therefore to have an boptimalb audiovisual experience you need to boptimallyb brreproduce both baudio and videob. 3.1. Film. and. bVideob. bProductionb. It is of no use brto talk about the quality of bvideob reproduction without knowing exactly what you brare...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0429813171
publishe date: 2019-04-09


Technology & Engineering
title: Basic Electronics Tutorial for beginners and beyond
authors: Keith Brindley
publisher: Elsevier
description: The remaining chapters cover some basic components of electronics including capacitor integrated circuit oscillator filter diodes and transistors. This book will prove useful to electronic constructors and students.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=148310558X
publishe date: 2016-01-29


Technology & Engineering
title: Make - Bicycle Projects - Upgrade
authors: John Baichtal
publisher: Maker Media Inc
description: More than just a form of transportation your bike is a framework on which you can explore and display your own inventiveness.With a full history of the bicycle and information about commercial mods such as adding baby seats and fenders--as ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=145718639X
publishe date: 2015-08-06


Technology Engineering
title: Tracking filter engineering. the Gauss-Newton
authors: Norman Morrison
publisher: IET
description: This book provides a complete discussion of the Gauss-Newton filters including all necessary theoretical background.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1849195544
publishe date: 2013


Technology Engineering
title: Space Technology
authors: Thomas F. Mtsch
publisher: Walter de Gruyter
description: It covers the fundamentals of aerospace and explains the details of technical implementations. These are organised in the border area of technical feasibility.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783110426212
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3110426218
publishe date: 2016-05-24


Technology Engineering
title: Intelligent Materials and Structures
authors: Haim Abramovich
publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH Co KG
description: Intelligent Materials and Structures provides exceptional insights into designing intelligent materials and structures for special applications in engineering.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783110389432
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3110389436
publishe date: 2016-09-12


Technology & Engineering
title: Advanced Aerospace Materials Abramovich H
authors: Haim Abramovich
publisher: Random
description: Advanced Aerospace Materials is intended for engineers and students of aerospace materials and mechanical engineering.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3110537567
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783110537567
publishe date: 2019-10-15


title: Cyber Security Comprehensive Beginners Guide B. Walker
authors: Brian Walker
publisher: Random
description: In this book you will learn about the fundamental concepts of cyber security. These are facts that form the foundation of your knowledge in cyber security.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781075257674
publishe date: 2019-06-20


Technology Engineering
title: Measurement Technology for Process Automation
authors: Anders Andersson
publisher: CRC Press
description: This text is a practical guide on how to accurately use these measuring instruments to control processes in manufacturing industries for food beverages chemicals pharmaceuticals oil water and waste water power etc.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781351974486
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1351974483
publishe date: 2017-06-27


Technology Engineering
title: Blockchain Revolution
authors: Don Tapscott
publisher: Penguin
description: And those examples are barely the tip of the iceberg. As with major paradigm shifts that preceded it blockchain technology will create winners and losers. This book shines a light on where it can lead us in the next decade and beyond.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=110198015X
publishe date: 2016-05-10


title: Love-Based Online Marketing
authors: MIchele PW Pariza Wacek
publisher: Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC
description: And the best part thanks to the Assessment included in this book your Online Marketing Plan will be based around your Marketing Love Factor. This means you'll not only love your marketing really

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780996826075
publishe date: 2016-03-15


title: Energy Efficient Buildings With Solar -Geothermal
authors: Dorota Chwieduk
publisher: Elsevier
description: Solar Energy in Buildings presents solar radiation fundamentals and their applications in buildings supported by theoretical analysis and results of original simulation studies in solar energy availability collection and conversion for ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780124105218
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0124105211
publishe date: 2014-06-19


title: Introduction To Design For Civil Engineers
authors: A.W. Beeby
publisher: CRC Press
description: With this book as a guide entry-level students of civil engineering will better understand from the outset lectures on detailed subject areas. Drawing on a wealth of experience the authors present a

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0203132556
publishe date: 2017-09-11


title: Engineering Mathematics 4th Edition
authors: Tony Croft
publisher: Prentice Hall
description: Features Students see the application of the maths they are learning to their engineering degree through the books applications-focussed introduction to engineering mathematics that integrates the two disciplines Provides the foundation ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780273719779
publishe date: 2012-07-12