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title: Encyclopedia of Nuclear Physics
authors: Reinhard Stock
publisher: John Wiley Sons
description: This book fills the need for a coherent work combining carefully reviewed articles into a comprehensive overview accessible to research groups and lecturers.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783527649266
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3527649263
publishe date: 2013-09-13


Political Science
title: Bright Green Lies
authors: Derrick Jensen
publisher: Monkfish Book Publishing
description: This is the power of Bright Green Lies It asks the questions most refuse to ask and in that questioning that seeking uncovers profound truths we ignore at our peril.Chris Hedges Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781948626408
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1948626403
publishe date: 2021-03-16


title: Monkeys, Myths, and Molecules
authors: Joe Schwarcz
publisher: ECW Press
description: But when there are multiple answers from various sources how do we know what information is reliable In Monkeys Myths and Molecules bestselling author Dr. Joe Schwarcz takes a critical look at how facts are misconstrued in the media.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781770907010
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1770907017
publishe date: 2015-05-01


Political Science
title: Un-Trumping America
authors: Dan Pfeiffer
publisher: Twelve
description: There is nothing more important than beating Donald Trump in 2020 but defeating Trump is just the start of this timely book.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781538733561
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1538733560
publishe date: 2020-02-18


Social Science
title: Handbook of Chinese Mythology
authors: Lihui Yang
publisher: Oxford University Press USA
description: Originally published Santa Barbara Calif. ABC-CLIO c2005.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780195332636
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0195332636
publishe date: 2008


title: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spec
authors: Patrick Bertrand
publisher: Springer
description: This book shows how the fundamentals of electron paramagnetic resonance EPR spectroscopy are practically implemented and illustrates the diversity of current applications.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3030396673
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783030396671
publishe date: 2020-02-04


Social Science
title: Childhood Youth and Social Work in T
authors: Lynn M. Nybell
publisher: Columbia University Press
description: Examining the theoretical political and practical aspects of working with youth today this volume breaks free from existing modes of thought and strategies of practice and prompts readers to critically reflect on accepted approaches and ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780231518529
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0231518528
publishe date: 2009-01-30


Political Science
title: In Defense of Open Society
authors: George Soros
publisher: PublicAffairs
description: George Soros -- universally known for his philanthropy progressive politics and investment success--has been under sustained attack from the far right nationalists and anti-Semites in the United States and around the world because of ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781541736726
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1541736729
publishe date: 2019-10-22


title: Engineering fluid mechanics
authors: John A. Roberson
publisher: wiley
description: may have the corners slightly dented may have slight color changesslightly damaged spine.

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(ISBN:) 39015000470628
(ISBN:) 39015000470628
publishe date: 1975


title: Fundamentals of Biochemistry 2002 Up
authors: Donald Voet
publisher: Wiley
description: These take the form of 1. Interactive exercises 2. Kinemages and 3. Guided explorations. Table of Contents for these exercises with text references in parentheses may be found on the pages at the end of the volume.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0471227676
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780471227670
publishe date: 2002-08-05


Political Science
title: Trump vs Clinton - James Patterson
authors: James Patterson
publisher: BookShots
description: Straight from the candidates from point and counterpoint to wit and wisdom this is an unvarnished conversation on the issues captivating the American electorate. Victory speech on Super Tuesday II West Palm Beach Florida March 15 ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780316546508
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=031654650X
publishe date: 2016-09-27


title: Astronomy for Beginners 3rd Ed
authors: Eric Chaisson
publisher: Addison-Wesley
description: In the Seventh Edition Chaisson and McMillan ignite your interest with increased coverage of the most exciting current discoveries in astronomy and create a bridge to scientific understanding with student-friendly art and better learning ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0321815351
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780321815354
publishe date: 2013


title: Theoretical Methods in Condensed Phase Chemistry
authors: Fred Manby
publisher: CRC Press
description: The theoretical methods of quantum chemistry have matured to the point that accurate predictions can be made and experiments can be understood for a wide range of important gas-phase phenomena.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1439808376
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781439808375
publishe date: 2010-08-02


title: Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry
authors: Jonathan Clayden
publisher: Oxford University Press
description: This text contains detailed worked solutions to all the end-of-chapter exercises in the textbook Organic Chemistry. Notes in tinted boxes in the page margins highlight important principles and comments.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780199663347
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0199663343
publishe date: 2013-05-30


title: Ullmann`s Polymers and Plastics 4 V Set
authors: Wiley-VCH
publisher: John Wiley-Sons
description: The ULLMANNS perspective on polymers and plastics brings reliable information on more than 1500 compounds and products straight to your desktop Carefully selected best of compilation of 61 topical articles from the Encyclopedia of ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783527338238
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3527338233
publishe date: 2016-04-25


title: Principles of General Chemistry
authors: Martin Silberberg
publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
description: Principles of General Chemistry 3rd Edition by Silberberg

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780077522285
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0077522281
publishe date: 2012-01-17


title: Physical Chemistry 3rd Ed By Thomas Engel
authors: Thomas Engel
publisher: Pearson Higher Ed
description: The Third Edition continues to emphasize fundamental concepts and presents cutting-edge research developments that demonstrate the vibrancy of physical chemistry today.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781292052847
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1292052848
publishe date: 2013-10-03


title: Organic Chemistry 10th Edition By Francis Carey
authors: Francis Carey
publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
description: This best-selling text gives students a solid understanding of organic chemistry by stressing how fundamental reaction mechanisms function and reactions occur.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0073402745
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780073402741
publishe date: 2013-01-07


title: Analytical Chemistry
authors: Gary D. Christian
publisher: John Wiley Sons
description: The 7th Edition of Gary Christian's Analytical Chemistry focuses on more in-depth coverage and information about Quantitative Analysis aka Analytical Chemistry and related fields.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780470887578
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0470887575
publishe date: 2013-10-07


title: Organic Chemistry 8th ED by Paula Yurkanis Bruice
authors: Paula Yurkanis Bruice
publisher: Pearson
description: For courses in Organic Chemistry 2-Semester Paula Bruices presentation in Organic Chemistry Eighth Edition provides mixed-science majors with the conceptual foundations chemical logic and problem-solving skills they need to reason their way to solutions for diverse problems in synthetic organic chemistry biochemistry and medicine. The Eighth Edition builds a strong framework for thinking about organic chemistry by unifying principles of reactivity that students will apply throughout the course discouraging memorization. With more applications than any other textbook Dr. Bruice consistently relates structure and reactivity to what occurs in our own cells and reinforces the fundamental reason for all chemical reactionselectrophiles react with nucleophiles. New streamlined coverage of substitution and elimination updated problem-solving strategies synthesis skill-building applications and tutorials guide students throughout fundamental and complex content in both the first and second semesters of the course. Also available as a Pearson eText or packaged with Mastering Chemistry Pearson eText is a simple-to-use mobile-optimized personalized reading experience that can be adopted on its own as the main course material. It lets students highlight take notes and review key vocabulary all in one place even when offline. Seamlessly integrated videos and other rich media engage students and give them access to the help they need when they need it. Educators can easily share their own notes with students so they see the connection between their eText and what they learn in class motivating them to keep reading and keep learning. Mastering combines trusted author content with digital tools and a flexible platform to personalize the learning experience and improve results for each student.Built for and directly tied to the text Mastering Chemistry enables an extension of learning allowing students a platform to practice learn and apply outside of the classroom. Note You are purchasing a standalone book Pearson eText and Mastering Chemistry do not come packaged with this content. Students ask your instructor for the correct package ISBN and Course ID. Instructors contact your Pearson representative for more information. If your instructor has assigned Pearson eText as your main course material search for 0135213703 9780135213704 Pearson eText Organic Chemistry 8e -- Access Card OR 0135213711 9780135213711 Pearson eText Organic Chemistry 8e -- Instant Access If your instructor has assigned Mastering Chemistry for your course search for 01340481489780134048147 Organic Chemistry Plus MasteringChemistry with eText -- Access Card Package 8e Package consists of 0134074661 9780134074665 MasteringChemistry with Pearson eText -- ValuePack Access Card -- for Organic Chemistry 8e 013404228X 9780134042282 Organic Chemistry 8e

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780134066639
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0134066634
publishe date: 2016-01-19


title: Analytical Chemistry
authors: Bryan M. Ham
publisher: John Wiley and Sons
description: The book is a core reference for chemists lab technicians undergraduate students studying the sciences an undergraduate analytical chemistry class or a graduate analytical chemistry class.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781118714843
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1118714849
publishe date: 2015-10-26


title: Advanced Organic CHEM Structure Mechanisms
authors: Reinhard Bruckner
publisher: Academic Press
description: Contents - Radical Substitution Reactions at the Saturated C Atom.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0121381102
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780121381103
publishe date: 2002


title: Fundamentals of Physical CHEM for Competitive EXAM
authors: Disha Experts
publisher: Disha Publications
description: General Concepts of bChemistryb The study of bchemistryb is sub-divided into various brbranches such as i bPhysical chemistryb ii Inorganic bchemistryb iii Organic brbchemistryb iv Biochemistry v Analytical bchemistryb vi Industrial bchemistryb vii...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9789387421240
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=9387421244
publishe date: 2018-01-15


title: Letters from an Astrophysicist
authors: Neil deGrasse Tyson
publisher: Random House
description: The only thing to fear is loss of ambition. But if you've got plenty of that then you have nothing to fear at all Neil deGrasse Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson is arguably the most influential acclaimed scientist on the planet.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780753553800
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0753553805
publishe date: 2019-10-08


Social Science
title: Talking to Strangers
authors: Malcolm Gladwell
publisher: Penguin UK
description: Reading this book changed me' Oprah Winfrey The highly anticipated new book from Malcolm Gladwell international bestselling author of The Tipping Point Blink Outliers What the Dog Saw and David and Goliath The routine traffic stop that ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780241351581
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0241351588
publishe date: 2019-09-10


Political Science
title: On Tyranny
authors: Timothy Snyder
publisher: Ten Speed Press
description: Our one advantage is that we might learn from their experience. On Tyranny is a call to arms and a guide to resistance with invaluable ideas for how we can preserve our freedoms in the uncertain years to come.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780804190114
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0804190119
publishe date: 2017


Political Science
title: Blowout
authors: Rachel Maddow
publisher: Crown
description: Its in her nature. Blowout is a call to contain the lion to stop subsidizing the wealthiest businesses on earth to fight for transparency and to check the influence of the worlds most destructive industry and its enablers.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780525575498
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0525575499
publishe date: 2019-10-01


Political Science
title: Deep State
authors: James B. Stewart
publisher: Penguin
description: Instant New York Times Bestseller Important and stunning. This is must-read material if you want to understand what the Trump administration is still up to right now.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780525559115
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0525559116
publishe date: 2019-10-08


title: Monte Carlo ray-trace method in radiation heat transfer
authors: J. Robert Mahan
publisher: Wiley-ASME Press Series
description: The Monte Carlo Ray-Trace Method in Radiation Heat Transfer and Applied Optics A groundbreaking guide dedicated exclusively to the MCRT method in radiation heat transfer and applied optics This book offers the most modern and up-to-date ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781119518518
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1119518512
publishe date: 2019-02-04


title: Shock Phenomena in Granular and Porous Materials 2019
authors: Tracy Vogler
publisher: Springer
description: This is a comprehensive volume on granular and porous materials for researchers working in the area of shock and impact physics.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3030230015
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783030230012
publishe date: 2019-09-30


Social Science
title: You Throw Like a Girl - The Blind Spot of Masculinity
authors: Don McPherson
publisher: Akashic Books
description: This is a call to action that has the potential to provoke conversation and change and is a unique crossover of sports memoir and astute social commentary.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781617757860
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1617757861
publishe date: 2019-09-03


title: GaN Transistors for Efficient Power
authors: Alex Lidow
publisher: John Wiley Sons
description: This book is an essential learning tool and reference guide to enable power conversion engineers to design energy-efficient smaller and more cost-effective products using GaN transistors.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781118844786
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1118844785
publishe date: 2014-06-26


title: Functional Molecular Nanostructures
authors: A. Dieter Schlter
publisher: Springer
description: With contributions by numerous experts

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3540219269
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783540219262
publishe date: 2005-02-14


Political Science
title: We the People An Introduction to American Politics
authors: B Ginsberg
publisher: W W Norton
description: Politics is relevant. The best text for showing students that politics is relevant to their lives and that political participation mattersespecially in the digital age.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0393921115
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780393921113
publishe date: 2013-02-21


title: Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease
authors: Eric Newsholme
publisher: John Wiley n Sons
description: By linking biochemistry medical education and clinical practice this book will prove invaluable to students in medical and health sciences biomedical science and human biology taking an introductory biochemistry course.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781119965244
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1119965241
publishe date: 2011-09-09


Political Science
title: The Case Against Free Speech Moskowitz
authors: P. E. Moskowitz
publisher: Bold Type Books
description: But as P. E. Moskowitz provocatively shows in The Case Against Free Speech the term has been defined and redefined to suit those in power and in recent years it has been captured by the Right to push their agenda.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781568588667
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1568588666
publishe date: 2019-08-13


title: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 7th
authors: Bruce R. Munson
publisher: Wiley Global Education
description: Continuing this books tradition of extensive real-world applications this latest edition includes more Fluid in the News case study boxes in each chapter new problem types an increased number of real-world photos and additional videos ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781118214596
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1118214595
publishe date: 2012-04-23


Social Science
title: 7 Billion How Your World Will Change
authors: National Geographic
publisher: National Geographic Books
description: Additionally we explore threats to biodiversity and the return of citieswhich may be the solution to many of our population woes. Join National Geographic on this incredible journey to explore our rapidly growing planet.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781426209420
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1426209428
publishe date: 2011-11-01


title: Immunity
authors: Alfred I. Tauber
publisher: Oxford University Press
description: Alfred I. Tauber criticizes this conception of immunity as too narrow because it discounts much of the immune system's other normal functions.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780190651268
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0190651261
publishe date: 2017-01-02


title: Handbook of Radioembolization
authors: Alexander S. Pasciak PhD.
publisher: CRC Press
description: This handbook addresses the radiation biology physics nuclear medicine and imaging for radioembolization using Yttrium-90 90Y microspheres in addition to discussing aspects related to interventional radiology.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781315352169
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1315352168
publishe date: 2016-11-03


title: Optics
authors: Eugene Hecht
publisher: Addison-Wesley
description: The market leader for over a decade this book provides a balance of theory and instrumentation while also including the necessary classical background. The writing style is lively and accessible.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0133977226
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780133977226
publishe date: 2015-07-02


Political Science
title: Acosta The Enemy of the People
authors: Jim Acosta
publisher: HarperCollins
description: From the moment Mr. Trump announced his candidacy in 2015 he has attacked the media calling journalists the enemy of the people. Acosta presents a damning examination of bureaucratic dysfunction deception and the unprecedented ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780062916143
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0062916149
publishe date: 2019-06-11


Political Science
title: Albright Fascism Warning (2018)
authors: Madeleine Albright
publisher: HarperCollins
description: In Fascism A Warning Madeleine Albright draws on her experiences as a child in war-torn Europe and her distinguished career as a diplomat to question that assumption.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780062931276
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=006293127X
publishe date: 2019-01-29


title: Principles of Inorganic Chemistry By Brian W. Pfennig
authors: Brian W. Pfennig
publisher: John Wiley Sons
description: Aimed at senior undergraduates and first-year graduate students this book offers a principles-based approach to inorganic chemistry that unlike other texts uses chemical applications of group theory and molecular orbital theory ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781118859025
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1118859022
publishe date: 2015-03-03


title: Organic Chemistry - Structure and Function
authors: K. Peter C. Vollhardt
publisher: W H Freeman Company
description: The eighth edition presents a refined methodology rooted in teaching expertise to promote student understanding and build problem solving skills.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1429226331
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781429226332
publishe date: 2008-07-01


title: Analytical Chemistry for Technicians
authors: John Kenkel
publisher: CRC Press
description: The book begins with classical quantitative analysis and follows with a practical approach to the complex world of sophisticated electronic instrumentation commonly used in real-world laboratories.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781439881064
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1439881065
publishe date: 2013-08-13


Computers Science
title: Arduino For Beginners 101 How to get started
authors: Erik Savasgard
publisher: CreateSpace
description: This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use Arduino in your tech projects. Arduino became a popular solution that extends computing and robotics to individuals outside technology field.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1516964624
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781516964628
publishe date: 2015-07-29


Social Science
title: When The Machine Made Art The Troubled History
authors: Grant D. Taylor
publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
description: In fact no other twentieth-century art form has elicited such a negative and hostile response. When the Machine Made Art examines the cultural and critical response to computer art or what we refer to today as digital art.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781623565619
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1623565618
publishe date: 2014-04-10


Social Science
title: The Making of Home
authors: Judith Flanders
publisher: Macmillan
description: In The Making of Home Flanders traces the evolution of the house from the sixteenth to the early twentieth century across northern Europe and America showing how the homes we know today bear only a faint resemblance to homes though ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781466875487
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1466875488
publishe date: 2015-09-08


title: A Guide to Poisonous House and Garden Plants
authors: Anthony Knight
publisher: CRC Press
description: This instrumental guide contains detailed discussions on the plant toxins the plant parts that are most dangerous and the first aid that should be considered.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781591610281
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1591610281
publishe date: 2007-01-01


title: Amino Acids Peptides and Proteins in Organic Chemistry
authors: Andrew Hughes
publisher: John Wiley Sons
description: This is the fourth of five books in the Amino Acids Peptides and Proteins in Organic Synthesis series. Closing a gap in the literature this is the only series to cover this important topic in organic and biochemistry.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9783527641574
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=3527641572
publishe date: 2011-06-03


title: Australian Magpie
authors: Gisela Kaplan
description: Written by award-winning author Gisela Kaplan a leading authority on animal behaviour and Australian birds this second edition of Australian Magpie is a thoroughly updated and substantially expanded account of the behaviour of these birds ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781486307258
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1486307256
publishe date: 2019-05-01


Political Science
title: Try Common Sense
authors: Philip K. Howard
publisher: W W Norton Company
description: Award-winning author Philip K. Howard lays out the blueprint for a new American society.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781324001775
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1324001771
publishe date: 2019-01-29


Political Science
title: The New Right
authors: Michael Malice
publisher: All Points Books
description: Fortunately author Michael Malice was there from the very inception and in The New Right recounts their tale from the beginning.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781250154675
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1250154677
publishe date: 2019-05-14


Political Science
title: Truth Bombs
authors: Steve Deace
publisher: Post Hill Press
description: Is the GOP really the the stupid party or something much worse Deace answers these questions and more in Truth Bombs a definitive expose on why conservativism has no futureif it remains hostage to the unibrow-party duopoly.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781642930238
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1642930237
publishe date: 2019-01-15


Political Science
title: Mar-A-Lago Inside the Gates Leamer
authors: Laurence Leamer
publisher: Flatiron Books
description: The inside story of how he became King of Palm Beachand how Palm Beach continues to be his spiritual home even as presidentis rollicking troubling and told with unrivaled access and understanding by Laurence Leamer.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781250177513
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1250177510
publishe date: 2019-01-29


Political Science
title: Kushner INC
authors: Vicky Ward
publisher: St Martins Press
description: INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The first explosive book about Javanka and their infamous rise to power Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are the self-styled Prince and Princess of America.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781250185952
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1250185955
publishe date: 2019-03-19


Political Science
title: Impeaching the President
authors: Alan Hirsch
publisher: City Lights Books
description: This is a sober precise and carefully argued analysis that should be read by every member of Congressand every president.David K. Shipler former reporter for the New York Times and Pulitzer Prize recipient Alan Hirsch brings ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780872867635
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0872867633
publishe date: 2018-11-20


Political Science
title: Trump (2019)Badiou
authors: Alain Badiou
publisher: John Wiley Sons
description: The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States sent shockwaves across the globe.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781509536092
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1509536094
publishe date: 2019-04-25


Political Science
title: Case for Impeaching Trump
authors: Elizabeth Holtzman
publisher: RosettaBooks
description: Elizabeth Holtzman has always been the first and the bravest the smartest and most trusted.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780795351679
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0795351674
publishe date: 2018-11-12


Political Science
title: American Exceptionalism
authors: Charles A. Murray
publisher: Aei Press
description: The phrase American exceptionalism is used in many ways and for many purposes but its original meaning involved a statement of fact for the first century after the Constitution went into effect European observers and Americans alike ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=084477264X
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780844772646
publishe date: 2013


Political Science
title: Team of Vipers
authors: Cliff Sims
publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
description: The story of power and palace intrigue backstabbing and bold victories as well as painful moral compromises occasionally with yourself. Team of Vipers tells the full story as only a true insider could.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781250223906
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1250223903
publishe date: 2019-01-29


title: Mathematical Knowledge and Interplay of Practices
authors: Jos Ferreirs
publisher: Princeton University Press
description: This book presents a new approach to the epistemology of mathematics by viewing mathematics as a human activity whose knowledge is intimately linked with practice.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781400874002
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1400874009
publishe date: 2015-12-22


Social Science
title: Positioning Yoga
authors: Sarah Strauss
publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
description: This absorbing book considers how lifestyle values have made yoga a global industry and shows how this popular lifestyle is produced and disseminated across boundaries.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=185973734X
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781859737347
publishe date: 2005-02-19


Social Science
title: The Byzantine-Islamic Transition in Palestine
authors: Gideon Avni
publisher: OUP Oxford
description: Based on the results of hundreds of excavations including Avni's own surveys and excavations in the Negev Beth Guvrin Jerusalem and Ramla the volume reconstructs patterns of continuity and change in settlements during this turbulent ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780191507342
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0191507342
publishe date: 2014-01-30


Political Science
title: State Capitalism How the Return of Statism
authors: Joshua Kurlantzick
publisher: Oxford University Press
description: In State Capitalism Joshua Kurlantzick ranges across the world--China Thailand Brazil Russia South Africa Turkey and more--and argues that the increase in state capitalism across the globe has on balance contributed to a decline in ...

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publishe date: 2016-03-08


Political Science
title: Return to Cold War
authors: Robert Legvold
publisher: John Wiley & Sons
description: Tracing the long and tortured path leading to this critical juncture he contends that the recent deterioration of Russia-U.S. relations deserves to be understood as a return to cold war with great and lasting consequences.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781509501922
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1509501924
publishe date: 2016-04-22


title: Nutrition and Lifestyle in Neurological Autoimmune
authors: Ronald Ross Watson
publisher: Academic Press
description: Nutrition and Lifestyle in Neurological Autoimmune Diseases Multiple Sclerosis discusses important discoveries relating to the types of and efficacy of nutritional and lifestyle responses to symptoms and reoccurrence of MS. Each chapter ...

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publishe date: 2016-12-23


Political Science
title: Enhanced Interrogation
authors: James E. Mitchell, Ph.D.
publisher: Crown Forum
description: 'snippett'

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title: Rat Island William Stolzenburg
authors: William Stolzenburg
publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
description: Rat Island rises from the icy gray waters of the Bering Sea, a mass of volcanic rock covered with tundra, midway between Alaska and Siberia.

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