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title: Strength Training
authors: Frederic Delavier
publisher: Human Kinetics
description: A best-seller now features more than 600 full-color illustrations--adding 48 pages of new exercises and stretches for each of the major muscle groups--to give readers an understanding of how muscles perform while training in a resource ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780736092265
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0736092269
publishe date: 2010


Health & Fitness
title: Dumbbell Workout Handbook Strength a
authors: Michael Volkmar
publisher: Hatherleigh Press
description: THE ULTIMATE HANDBOOK FOR BUILDING MUSCLE WITH DUMBBELLS Perfect anyone looking to develop explosive power and build strength dumbbells remain the most commonand most effectivetool to reach your fitness goals.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781578267750
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1578267757
publishe date: 2019-07-30


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title: Period Power
authors: Maisie Hill
publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
description: Maisie's insights and cycle strategy have changed my life and my cycle. Period Power is written with such intelligence humour and a deep understanding of women's health. If you have a period you need to read this book.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781472963598
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1472963598
publishe date: 2019-05-02


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title: Sitting Kills Moving Heals How Everyday Movement
authors: Joan Vernikos
publisher: Linden Publishing
description: This groundbreaking new medical work demonstrates how modern sedentary lifestyles contribute to poor health obesity and diabetes and how health can be dramatically improved by continuous low-intensity movement that challenges the force ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781610351232
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1610351231
publishe date: 2011-11-03


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title: 20 Pounds Younger The Life-transforming Plan
authors: Michele Promaulayko
publisher: Rodale Books
description: Well now you can In 20 Pounds Younger Michele Promaulayko shares insider secrets that she learned directly from the country's smartest minds in wellness as the editor-in-chief of Women's Health and at the helm of Yahoo Health.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781623364045
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1623364043
publishe date: 2014-12-23


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title: Gentle Yoga for Arthritis
authors: Laurie Sanford
publisher: Hatherleigh Press
description: Gentle Yoga for Arthritis also includes An overview of the causes and symptoms of arthritis Helpful diet and lifestyle tips to reduce symptoms An introductory guide to understanding the benefits of yoga Important precautions to ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781578264490
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1578264499
publishe date: 2014-06-24


Health & Fitness
title: The Biggest Loser Fitness Program
authors: The Biggest Loser Experts and Cast
publisher: Rodale Books
description: Complete with advice from the Biggest Losers themselves and built-in motivation from the show's trainers and experts The Biggest Loser Fitness Program will inspire you to fight fat and beocme the biggest loser

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781605297606
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1605297607
publishe date: 2007-09-18


Health & Fitness
title: Navy Seal Physical Fitness Guide
authors: Patricia A. Deuster
publisher: DIANE Publishing
description: Will enhance the physical abilities required to perform Spec Ops mission-related physical tasks promote long-term cardiovascular health and physical fitness prevent injuries accelerate return to duty and maintain physical readiness ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780788173622
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0788173626
publishe date: 1997-08-01


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title: Jonny Bowden`s Shape Up Workbook
authors: Jonny Bowden
publisher: Da Capo Press
description: Complete with food preparation tips recipes recommended exercises and the Shape Up food lists this workbook will be the most important day-to-day tool readers can have in their efforts to improve their health weight and state of mind.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=073820515X
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780738205151
publishe date: 2001-12-14


Health & Fitness
title: The 200 SuperFoods That Will Save
authors: Deborah Klein
publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
description: Author Deborah Klein provides a comprehensive tour of the worlds healthiest foods as well as tips for incorporating them into a diet. This is a one-stop resource for information on how to live healthier and longer.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780071632430
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0071632433
publishe date: 2010-01-08


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title: The Complete Idiot`s Guide to Pilat
authors: Karon Karter
publisher: Penguin
description: The book takes readers through the complete sequence of Pilates Mat exercises with photos and step-by-step instructions.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781615644278
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=161564427X
publishe date: 2012-02-07


Health & Fitness
title: Medical Medium Celery Juice The Most Powerful
authors: Anthony William
publisher: Hay House
description: Introduces celery juices ability to create improvements on every level of our health.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=140195765X
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781401957650
publishe date: 2019-05


title: Aromatherapy for Beginners
authors: Anne Kennedy
publisher: Althea Press
description: Kelly Cable author of The Natural Soap-making Book for Beginners and creator of You only need a small number of versatile essential oils to satisfy most of your everyday aromatherapy needs.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1939754607
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781939754608
publishe date: 2018-02-13


title: Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly
authors: Larry McCleary
publisher: Greenleaf Book Group
description: Examines how an insulin imbalance can harm the brain and lead to obesity over a long period of time and presents a diet and exercise plan that can rebalance insulin levels improve brain functioning and help with weight loss.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781608321018
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1608321010
publishe date: 2011


title: Fundamental Weight Training
authors: David Sandler
publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
description: Whether you're working out at the gym or at home this guide will help you develop a sound strength training program.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0736082808
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780736082808
publishe date: 2010


title: The 21-Day Shred The Simple Scientific Program
authors: Mike Simone
publisher: Simon and Schuster
description: In The 21-Day Shred Mike Simone and the experts at Mens Fitness call on decades of fitness nutrition and wellness research to create an intense easy-to-follow program that will have your body burning fat and building muscle all day ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780804181013
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0804181012
publishe date: 2014-12-23


Health & Fitness
title: The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga
authors: Swami Vishnu Devananda
publisher: Harmony
description: Since 1960 more than 1 million people have used this classic guide to tap the incredible power of yoga. The attractive new edition in a new size will appeal to a wide audience of contemporary yoga students.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780307786203
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=030778620X
publishe date: 2011-02-23


Health & Fitness
title: The Yamas & Niyamas
authors: Deborah Adele
publisher: Word Bound Books Llc
description: The first two limbs of the eight-fold path of yoga sutras--the basic text for classical yoga--are examined in this spiritual guide to the practice of yoga.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0974470643
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780974470641
publishe date: 2009


title: Seven-Day Total Cleanse
authors: Mary McGuire-Wien
publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
description: Author Mary McGuire-Wien has guided thousands of clients through this unique program which uses nutrient-rich juices meditations yoga and self-care activities to cleanse the body renew energy levels and refresh the mind and soul.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780071664974
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0071664971
publishe date: 2009-11-06


title: Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle
authors: Tom Venuto
publisher: Harmony
description: This is not a diet and its not just a weight-loss program this is a breakthrough system to change your life and get you leaner stronger fitter and healthier with the latest discoveries in exercise and nutrition science.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780804137850
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0804137854
publishe date: 2013-12-10


Health & Fitness
title: The AbSmart Fitness Plan
authors: Adam Weiss
publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
description: Its safe. Its smart. And it works. I love The AbSmart Fitness Plan. Having neck and back problems I find the exercises easy and safe for me to do. But more than that is the great information Dr. Weiss includes on nutrition.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780071598064
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0071598065
publishe date: 2009-01-01


title: The Official Gold's Gym Beginner's Guide to Fitness
authors: David Porter
publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
description: This book offers a complete exercise program for both men and women from weight training to conditioning.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780071422826
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=007142282X
publishe date: 2005


Health & Fitness
title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fitness
authors: Tom Seabourne
publisher: Random
description: And it's fun especially if you work out with a partner.The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fitness Boxing Illustratedis the only book of its kind to lead the reader through each dynamic stage of fitness boxing.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_10=159257503X
(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781592575039
publishe date: 2006