Business Economics - 8
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Business Economics
title: You Gotta Have Balls - Brandon Steiner
authors: Brandon Steiner
publisher: John Wiley Sons
description: BUY THIS BOOK NOW JEFFREY GITOMER author of The Little Red Book of Selling and The Sales Bible Brandon Steiner is the real closer when it comes to big business. MARIANO RIVERA pitcher for the New York Yankees Nobody ever goes ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781118330357
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1118330358
publishe date: 2012-09-10


Business Economics
title: Introduction to Accounting Ainsworth P. 8ed 2019
authors: Penne Ainsworth
publisher: John Wiley Sons
description: Focuses on accounting as an information system used in each business processes to provide information to plan and evaluate activities Stimulates interest in the field of accounting with relatable reader-friendly narrative Employs various ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781119600107
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1119600103
publishe date: 2019-06-12


Business Economics
title: DARE TO LEAD by Brené Brown
authors: Bren Brown
publisher: Random House Large Print
description: A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for recognizing the potential in people and ideas and has the courage to develop that potential. When we dare to lead we don't pretend to have the right answers.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780593171127
publishe date: 2019-07-23


Business Economics
title: Digital Gold
authors: Nathaniel Popper
publisher: HarperCollins
description: An unusual tale of group invention Digital Gold tells the story of the colorful characters who have built Bitcoin including a Finnish college student an Argentinian millionaire a Chinese entrepreneur Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780062572066
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0062572067
publishe date: 2016-05-17


Business Economics
title: Fail Fast or Win Big
authors: Bernhard Schroeder
publisher: AMACOM
description: Bernhard Schroeder. which the entrepreneur paid off over time with interest. Then in the 1960s venture capitalists created a brnew way of building an enterprise expressed by this formula Entrepreneur...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780814434796
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0814434797
publishe date: 2015-02-18


Business Economics
title: Entrepreneur
authors: Lucy Tobin
publisher: John Wiley Sons
description: Lucy Tobin who meets successful business founders every week writing an enterprise column for The Evening Standard takes us through their start-up stories and maps out exactly what's made them so successful.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9780857083029
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=0857083023
publishe date: 2012-04-23


Business Economics
title: Lean Enterprise
authors: Jez Humble
publisher: O`Reilly Media Inc
description: This practical guide presents Lean and Agile principles and patterns to help you move fast at scaleand demonstrates why and how to apply these methodologies throughout your organization rather than with just one department or team.

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781491946541
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1491946547
publishe date: 2014-12-04


Business Economics
title: Financial Accounting 10th Edition
authors: Jerry J. Weygandt
publisher: Wiley Global Education
description: The new 10th edition of Financial Accounting by Weygandt Kimmel and Kieso continues to provide students with a clear and comprehensive introduction to financial accounting and has been thoroughly updated with extensive digital resources ...

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(ISBN:) ISBN_13=9781119305828
(ISBN:) ISBN_10=1119305829
publishe date: 2016-11-18